NS-SZ-LoRa-R1A – Les Street Lighting Controller


Led Street Lighting Controller


This controller complies with the LoRaWAN specifications 1.0.1 Class C standard issued by the LoRa Alliance for easy and fast access to LoRaWAN networks. It has low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference and so many other features.

It contains current and voltage measurement circuits, which can collect the load status of street light controllers in real time, greatly reducing the work pressure of the street light management department, and improving the work efficiency, thereby significantly improving social energy-saving benefits.

The street light controller’s main features:

  • With current, voltage, power, electricity, frequency, temperature detection and other functions.
  • One way switch and 0~10V dimming signal output function.
  • Over-current protection, lamps condition detection and default lighting functions.
  • Switch and the dimming suitable for lamps, such as LED lamp, high voltage sodium lamp and metal halide lamp etc.
  • Overload protection design based on Security.
  • Band: 433/470/868/915/923MHz
  • Industrial temperature: -40 °C ~ +85 °C
  • Easy and simple installation, can respond to the instructions sent by the center in seconds.

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